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People Riding The Subway Half Naked Proves You Just Can't Break Tradition


If you stepped onto a subway train recently and were greeted by a crowd of pants-less people, then you should know two things. One; no, this is not what New Yorkers typically do. Two; you got to witness some of the most dedicated pranksters of the year.

We're not saying this was a bad idea, but the fact that it happened in 18 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty darn impressive, nonetheless.

People taking part still wore their winter gear on the top half of their body, but were sporting nothing but underwear down below.

It looks hilarious, but what's really going on here?

The event has been going on for at least 15 years, started by acting group Improv Everywhere, who wanted to add some silliness to the day of their fellow commuters once a year.

It took off a few years ago, and now people participate from all over the world!

The whole idea is to act like nothing is out of the ordinary, and needless to say, it drew the attention of more than a few people going off to work!

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