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Texans Eat Pickles At The Movie Theater, And They Think Everyone Else Does Too

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They say you learn something new every day, and sometimes it's nice to be reminded that we don't know as much about the world (or even our own country) as we think we do.

Take the great state of Texas for example.

If you ask anyone in America to describe the Lone Star state, they'll tell you about 10-gallon hats, pickup trucks, and ropin' dogies.

But mention "movie theater pickles" to someone from another state, and you'll probably get a few confused looks.

The truth is Texans do eat pickles at movie theaters, and they're actually surprised that the rest of us don't.

The internet actually examined Texas' love for eating pickles in front of the big screen back in 2015, when a few articles about the strange fad appeared online.

But the news "broke" again this month, drawing surprised reactions from movie-goers in the 49 states that don't offer pickles at the multiplex.

Movie theater pickle
Locals love theater pickles, while others say it's gross.chaosxsilencer - Instagram

Even native Texans aren't clear on how the pickle phenomenon started or why. Most just guess that pickles are salty, so they're meant to encourage customers to buy more soft drinks.

Still, the trend is so widespread in Texas that many Texans can't believe movie theaters in other states don't serve pickles.

"I only learned this was different once I moved out of Texas!" shared one Reddit user.

Movie fans have even created rituals for enjoying their pickle at the theater. Some chains sell them in jars, while other sell loose pickles, or hand you a paper bag to keep your fingers dry.

Pickles Texas movie theater
Some pickles are stored in jars, others are sold loose with popcorn.taylor_ede - Twitter

But older movie fans have memories of when the pickles were stored in a big jar, and theater employees would "fish one out of the jar with tongs" for a quarter. (These days, theater pickle will set you back at least two dollars.)

Other locations will actually ask if you want the juice drained at the concession stand.

A few pickle-lovers even drop their snack into a popcorn bucket, maybe to blend the salty and sour flavors together.

While the movie theater pickle may be most popular in Texas, pickle sightings have been reported in other states as the news spreads online.

Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, and Virginia also seem to be prime pickle territory.

[H/T: BuzzFeed]

Have you ever seen pickles at the movie theater? What do you think of this trend?

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