Pippa Middleton's Baby Name Revealed, Pays Tribute To Family Tragedy

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Less than a month ago on October 16th, Pippa Middleton and her husband, James Matthews, welcomed their first child - a little boy. The birth was rather low-key, with no images of the child being released, and no name announced either. The last Pippa was seen was at Princess Eugenie's wedding, just 48 hours before she gave birth.  

The little boy was born on October 15th at 1:58pm, weighing 8lb and 9oz.  

Kensington Palace acknowledged the birth of Kate Middleton's new niece, but didn't give many details...heck, they barely even gave a statement!

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are thrilled for Pippa and James."�

Everyone's big question was the same...what will Pippa and James name their new baby boy? Will they go with something non-traditional? Or will they stick with a classic?

Well, after almost a month, we finally have an answer!

According to The Daily Mail, who have allegedly seen the birth certificate of the newborn, Pippa and James chose to name their son Arthur Michael William Matthew. Classic, it is!

The name William is being seen as an homage to Pippa's brother-in-law, Prince William, while the name Michael has a meaning for both mom and dad. Pippa's father's name is Michael, but the name holds a more emotional meaning for James and his family.

Michael Matthews was the younger brother of James, and he tragically died while attempting to climb Mount Everest when he was just 22 years old in 1999. He was more than 26,247ft high in the mountain's infamous "Death Zone" when he got lost in heavy snow. Michael's body was never recovered.

Spencer Matthews, the other Matthews brother who is a star of the British reality show Made in Chelsea, wrote about Michael's death and how it affected James in his autobiography.

"His loss was devastating for the family and over time this became worse because the circumstances surrounding Michael's death have never been fully explained," Spencer wrote. "James took the news badly. With just a year and a half between them, he and Mike were the closest of friends. The loss was heartbreaking for James."�

Spencer also had a child this September, and honored his late brother by naming his son Theodore Frederick Michael.

"We have not been able to say goodbye in person," Spencer admitted. "We have nowhere to go to sit with him. He lives on with us in our minds only. On Mike's birthday James and I send mum and dad red roses for the age he would have been. I guess our family's way of dealing with losing Mike is to believe that he goes on with us."

Pippa and James are front and center as they pose for a picture for a charity race supporting the Michael Matthews Foundation.Facebook - Michael Matthews Foundation

We love that Pippa and James chose to honor so many family members in their choice of name. Hopefully we get to see some pictures of little Arthur soon!

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