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Cops Responded To An Accident And Found A Car Full Of Naked People

Remember having nightmares when you were younger about showing up to school and then slowly starting to realize that (surprise!) you simply forgot to get dressed that day? Well imagine that actually happened and that you are now under arrest for kidnapping.

Police in Western Canada responded to a crash involving a car that had rammed itself into the rear of a truck. No one was seriously injured, however there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered.

While the car was driving along, a man emerged from the trunk and attempted to escape. Following this, a woman and child left the car and tried to run away to meet up with the man who escaped from the trunk.

A passerby in a truck stopped to offer assistance and allowed the three people to take safety in his truck. It is believed this is when he contacted police, and all hell broke loose.

As the two men, woman, and child were in the truck, the car that the three passengers had previously escaped from slammed into the back of them, with both vehicles ending up in the roadside ditch.

The authorities arrived on the scene and were bewildered when they saw five individuals running around, completely naked in the 0�F cold. They quickly arrested the suspects and placed them inside their patrol cars, away from the elements.

After questioning, it was determined that the reckless drivers had kidnapped the three-member family on 17 minutes prior to their arrest. The two parties knew each other, and the crime had been planned (though apparently not very well).

The police department released a statement saying they did not know if the suspects were nude to begin with or if they stripped down after the crash. They believe drugs and alcohol were involved in the crime spree.

Have any idea why they thought it was better to get arrested in their birthday suits? Tell us your theories in the comments!