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Police Dog Tries On His New Boots And Proves Even The Smartest Pups Get Confused

Facebook - Rapid City Police Department

When it comes to winter, our dogs don't always love the cold. I mean, can you really blame them?

The thought of being taken from your nice warm bed and thrown outside in the cold snowy winters so you can pee sounds pretty horrible if you ask me.

But unfortunately it's got to happen. For some dogs, going outside isn't just for their short walks or bathroom breaks, some dogs have a job to do and they are required to be outside a lot.

Police dogs are pretty impressive for the amount of stuff they can do. My dog can't even remember which command is sit and which one is lay down, but police dogs are capable of finding criminals and catching them, all while remaining the happiest and well behaved pups.

But there's one thing that even the most intense training can't seem to make any easier: Dog boots.

No matter how well behaved a dog is, the first time they put on their fancy outdoor shoes designed to keep them warm and their feet protected, all dogs end up looking like a total goofball.

I would estimate that most of them eventually get the hang of them, but it's always those first few steps that leave their owners in tears laughing at how ridiculous their dog is acting.

The Rapid City Police Department shared a video that has gone completely viral, and for good reason.

They were helping their K9 Unit keep their paws protected, but when their German shepherd Jary tried on his new boots, he did not understand what was happening.

The poor pooch does his best, taking some awkward steps with his legs in the most hilarious position.

You start to feel a little bad for him at first, but honestly, it's for his own good. He's going to be out on the streets, his sensitive paws need protection, and he does seem to start to figure them out by the end.

The best way to get your dog used to boots is to try them on for a few minutes at a time, and give them time to get used to them before getting them to walk outside in them. Take them off when they have calmed down in them so they don't associate their freak outs with the reward of getting the boots off.

Most dogs get used to them pretty quickly, but if your dog hates them too much, you can skip them, just keep an eye on their reactions to the weather outside so they don't end up with frostbite on those little paws!

Source - Facebook - Rapid City Police Department

Did your dog have a funny reaction to boots the first time they tried them on?