Man Has No Idea He Is On Film When He Approaches Neighborhoods Most "Dangerous" Dog

The fine employees of the United States Postal Services encounter so much on their daily mail route. They have to deliver mail in a timely manner, lift packages that can be pretty heavy, walk and/or drive many miles in a single shift, and make sure that the mail of hundreds of citizens in an organized order.

They also have to manage to deliver people's mail through every element nature has to offer. No matter if the sun is beating straight on their face, snow is neck high, or rain beating down, mail carriers are required to make their delivery and in a timely manner.

Normal citizens don't realize that mail carriers also have to deal with encounters of animals, pets and wild animals alike. Aggressive dogs can be the bane of a mailman's existence, but some dogs are just the thing that a mailman needs to make his day better!


Nine-month-old Kyza is a massive German shepherd puppy. He can look pretty intimidating and tends to scare people away because of his enormous size and initial fierce look. His ears are standing at attention at all times and he has sharp teeth as most dogs do, and are exaggerated as they typically are in larger dog breeds.

German shepherds have a reputation for being overly energetic and aggressive when not trained correctly, and need to be watched closely especially when they are around someone they don't know. Once they know who you are, however, shepherds are considered one of the most loyal dog breeds on the planet.

Kyza's owner, Michael, said that his neighbors refer to Kyza as "the most dangerous dog" due to nothing but his large size. Though his size is intimidating, it's clear that Kyza is nothing but the sweetest of sweet puppies. The oversized puppy only barks on rare occasions and has never bitten a soul, but none of that mattered to the neighbors who judged him by his looks.

One local who was on Michael's side was the mailman! Their mailman stops by the house on his route on a daily basis, even if Michael doesn't have mail! The mailman shows up every day rain or snow and spends a few minutes playing with Kyza. The two have become fast friends and love seeing each other.

Michael, Kyza's owner, so loved the relationship between pup and mailman that he decided to begin filming their recent daily interactions. He decided to share a video of the pair on his Facebook wall so that all his friends could see, but what he didn't expect was how popular the video would become!

The video shows Kyza running full speed up to the mailman at the beginning of the short clip. In return, the mailman swiftly jumps off of his bike to greet his new favorite dos and they share an intensely sweet hug. It is clear that the mailman genuinely loves this dog and that Kyza loves him just as much.

The video of their sweet relationship went viral on Facebook, and reminded us that dog truly is man's best friend!

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