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Quaker Oats Recalls Cap'n Crunch Cereal Due To Salmonella Fears

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Salmonella is a scary bacteria that can cause cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain, and it's pretty safe to say that most of us do our best to prevent it.

We all make sure our foods get cooked properly, we try to handle everything with care, however, we can't always control everything.

Eating cereal isn't something that you would normally consider when you thought of how salmonella was transferred, but now Quaker Oats has revealed that there is a possibility that one of their popular cereals could be spreading the bacteria.

Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch has been voluntarily recalled by Quaker Oats after another salmonella scare.

It seems as though salmonella has been found in more foods lately, and now it's reached our cereal aisles.

The FDA revealed that Quaker Oats has targeted five Target locations in the recall:

  • Super Target - 4001 N.132nd St., Omaha, NE
  • P-Fresh - 4250 Rusty Rd. Saint Louis, MO
  • Super Target - 10800 E. 21st St., N. Wichita KS
  • Super Target - 8201 S. 40th St., Lincoln, NE
  • P-Fresh - 1040 N.E. Coronado, Blue Springs, MO

The boxes are sold in a 17.1 ounce box and they have the UPC "0 30000 6211 1" and a best before date of July 30th and July 31st of 2019.

It is a relatively small recall as of right now, with the company claiming that there are only 21 boxes unaccounted for, but it's still scary that salmonella was found in a cereal that is usually intended for children.

"The recall was initiated as the result of a routine sampling program by the company, which revealed the finished product may contain bacteria," the FDA said.

If any customers have this product in their home, return it to your store immediately for a full refund or dispose of it.

While this has been a small recall, it's scary to think that it could have been a much wider spread.

Source - Food Safety News / FDA / Web MD

Hopefully they are correct in that it's a small issue, and we won't have any other cereal recalls any time soon.