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The Real Answers To Men's Secret Questions About Sex


What do men really wonder about throughout the day? What keeps us up at night? Do we often ponder the deeper meaning of life?

Probably, but most of the time it's just about sex, and everything to do with it.

There's no real surprise there, but what sort of things do we wonder about, exactly? While some of them may be obvious, the answers to the questions are quite surprising for guys to hear!

Here are the top seven questions men wish they could just ask you about sex, as well as the answers you just wish your man would understand!

How can I make "it" bigger?

Believe me, this is the unspoken worry that almost every man has, especially if they feel they are less than average. While science (and experience) has proven that girth is way more important for women than length, it doesn't stop men from feeling nervous about their size.

There are surgeries that will enlarge the penis, however the easiest and safest way to build "fuller" erections is also the most fun. Regular exercise is the best bet!

Why can't I get an erection?

If your man has ever been unable to perform for whatever reason, it can seriously alter their self esteem. If you both make a big deal out of it when it happens, it can cause performance anxiety the next time around.

Besides overcoming nervousness, other tips include lowering alcohol intake, eating healthily, jogging, and improving one's confidence in other areas of life.

How can I last longer?

Perhaps this is among the most frustrating of problems, because it can make someone feel like a failure when they spend time with a partner.

There is no "right" time for sex, and this likely comes from an unconscious sense of inadequacy. It doesn't matter how long you and your partner spend between the sheets, as long as you are meeting each other's needs.

But if you are looking to prevent premature ejaculation, then try taking breaks during coitus to recharge and relax. Although, having sex more often will also desensitize your loins and allow you to last longer together!

What if I want more sex?

If you feel that you aren't being fulfilled by your partner because of mismatched libidos, the very first thing you should be doing is talking to them about it. Communication is the saving grace of almost every issue inside the bedroom, and a great starting point.

The most common problem that men and women seem to run into is technique. While men require very little to achieve climax, women usually need a fair bit of "special attention" to orgasm.

Talking about what each of you need in order to enjoy yourselves will help you have better sex, and more of it!

These are fairly easy to answer questions, but what about those wild and bizarre things that men have in the back of their minds?

How do I talk her into having a threesome?

First of all, there's no "talking" anyone into anything. Sex can only be enjoyed between two willing participants, and you may find that you hate what you wished for most.

There is literally no other way for a threesome to occur without first knowing that you and your partner are comfortable with the situation, before openly seeking out someone who is okay with respecting your boundaries.

This common fantasy has the potential to really hurt both parties, as the man might get performance anxiety or even feelings of jealousy when another person give their lover pleasure without them.

Do women even ejaculate?

Yes. Yes they do. However, if the bulk of your knowledge comes from porn, then you may get the idea that it's as easy as walking in the door holding an Italian-style XL pizza.

Seriously though, in reality it is not a common occurrence for women to achieve orgasm. This is because of the lack of communication that we talked about earlier.

A sure sign that a woman is enjoying herself is when fluid builds up from the vagina, allowing the partner to penetrate more easily.

If you want your lady-friend to see fireworks, then stimulating the G-spot is the best bet. Typically found on the front wall (or 'ceiling,' if your partner is lying down) both parties should spend some time exploring one another to find what works best, and gives her the pleasure she needs!

Is she faking it?

Well, probably.

Sorry to say, but as I mentioned, a real orgasm isn't as common as you might think. But that doesn't mean she didn't enjoy herself! If there was no noticeable reaction every time you had sex, you might go a little crazy.

The best way to know if she orgasmed or not would be an unwillingness to continue because of sensitivity.

Always remember to communicate!

If you have any more questions that you want answered, message us or post them in the comments!