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Real Burglars Share Signs That Your Home Is An Easy Target

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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who lock their doors the moment they get home, and those who wake up from a nap to find their door has been open the whole time.

But whether or not you're paranoid about home security, there's no way of telling if thieves will target your home. Right?

In fact, news outlets like KGW8 and research groups like the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing (CPP) have polled crooks to learn how and why they target specific homes.

What they learned is concerning, especially because most people's homes have at least one of these red flags.

What kind of homes do burglars target?

Even a house like this could be an easy target for thieves.House Plans & More

Time and place are equally important for thieves planning their next robbery.

Despite the popular image of a thief sneaking around in the dark, the majority of burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when a homeowner is likely to be at work.

And if your home is targeted, it's no accident.

Many robbers say they case a house several times, learning when people are home and how to easily get inside.

Burglar home
Burglars don't need tools or tricks, just an open door.Security Today

Thieves even admit they'll knock on the front door or pass out fliers to test if someone is inside.

Burglars say that most home invasions begin by trying to open the front door. If that doesn't work, sneaking in a window or kicking down the door is usually the next step.

A deadbolt can protect your door, but a window A/C unit can also be kicked in by determined thieves.

Burglar home
An A/C unit is an easy way into your home for a burglar.Jason Eppink - Flickr

"If nothing of value was found, the A/C could be taken in for scrap metal," one burglar told the CPP.

You're at extra risk if your home is isolated, so nosy neighbors won't interfere with a burglary. That's why single homes make better targets than apartments.

And if a major road is nearby, the thief can make a quick escape more easily.

What kinds of homes do burglars avoid?

Burglar home
Thieves will ignore a home with a car in the driveway. Ildar Sagdejev - Wikimedia

Most burglars agree that even a single sign a home is occupied can make them give up their plans.

A TV playing indoors or a car parked in the driveway both tell thieves, "Someone will catch you if you rob this house."

Floodlights and visible security cameras also suggest that breaking into your home is risky.

But, surprisingly, home security systems do not seem to intimidate burglars.

Burglars say they're not concerned by security signs.Mr.TinDC - Flickr

While most thieves agree that they would leave a home after hearing an alarm, some say these devices can be easily deactivated.

The easiest way to avoid a burglary is locking your doors and windows.

Even if your home looks tempting, this precaution is enough to ward off most thieves.

What kind of valuables do burglars look for?

Burglar home.
Jewelry is one of the first things burglars look for.Betsey Johnson - Wikimedia

Jewelry, electronics, cash, credit cards, painkillers, and firearms are all popular targets for thieves.

Former burglars admit that they would case wealthy neighborhoods, peeking through windows for signs of these goods.

You should use some common sense after making any big purchases: don't leave a huge box for a new TV or game console sitting on the curb.

Knowing how thieves search your home can protect your property during a robbery.

Burglar home
Burglars say they search the master bedroom before the rest of the house.LivSecure

Most burglars say they search the master bedroom first, where they can find jewelry, personal IDs, wallets and purses.

Choosing less obvious places for these valuables, or keeping them in a safe, means burglars might miss them even if they get inside your home.

How can I protect my home from a burglary?

Ironically, a tall fence or high shrub can work against homeowners. They're hard to climb over, but also make it harder for your neighbors to spot a burglar.

Burglar home
Burglars avoid homes with cameras and floodlights.Central Alarm

Cameras, lights, and a large or noisy dog work much better at keeping thieves away.

One of the best pieces of advice from a former burglar is free: get to know your neighbors.

Let your neighbors know when people are normally in your home, and when no one should be.

Helpful neighbors can also collect mail when you're on a vacation - one of the most obvious signs that your home is empty.

Home Protection Quotes
Most burglars know their victims.Home Protection Quotes

For the same reason, never post on social media that you're on vacation. Save travel pictures for after you get home.

I'll leave you with this surprising fact from the U.S. Department of Justice: 66% of burglaries are committed by someone who knows the victim.

But these untrustworthy friends and family members can be deterred just like a professional burglar. Be smart and stay safe!

Does your home have any of the red flags that burglars look for?

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