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A Man's Fingers Can Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Their Ideal Relationship

While looking at the lines on your own hand can help you determine your own future, checking out the fingers on a man's hand is a good way to determine their preferences in a romantic partner. Apparently all of their secret desires are easily discovered by looking at their ring finger.

Apparently, the length of their fingers determines their preferences. Here's what you need to check. Have a man hold up his hand and compare his ring finger to the index finger.

If their ring finger is as long as their index finger it means that while their mother was pregnant there was an extra burst of testosterone in the womb. This apparently causes the longer fingers, but what researchers found is that the finger length actually changes who they are more likely to be attracted to.

Here's what the different finger lengths say about a man's interests...

Scientists have found that men with long ring fingers are four times more likely to end up with a partner with an hourglass figure. They believe that the extra testosterone that they experience in the womb leads them to exhibit more "masculine" tendencies.

Men with longer ring fingers most often gravitate towards women with smaller waists and a larger chests. Biologically, those are two of the characteristics that are connected to fertility. The study claimed, "our results suggest men's pre-natal environment has an impact on the likelihood of being in a relationship with a more attractive and presumably more fertile woman."

Human behavior expert, Berenika Kuna explained, "men with [longer ring fingers] were four times more often partnered with women who had both relatively narrow waists and large breasts. Eye-tracking studies have shown that, during evaluation of female body attractiveness, men focus mainly on the waist and breast areas, which deliver honest signals about a woman's reproductive status."

"A narrower waist in relation to wider hips is a visual sign of healthiness and youthfulness. Larger breasts may be a sign of sexual maturity and nurturing ability," she continued. "However, mainly in Western cultures, they are considered a sign of attractiveness."

Other characteristics that men with long ring fingers have include better spacial abilities, and are more athletic and muscular. They are also 57% more likely to cheat on their partner than those with shorter ring fingers.

Is your ring finger longer than your index finger?