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How Harry Met Meghan Is The Story You Need To Hear


It's hard enough for star-studded couples to find each other to begin with. What with the mobs of paparazzi, red carpet walks, charity events on behalf of the know, all the normal stuff.

So it should come as no surprise that the latest royal match-up was helped along by friends close to the Royal couple, but the real question is; who can claim the matchmaker title?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were recently spotted together at the Invictus games in Toronto, Canada. Holding hands they looked comfortable, casual, and chic as they watched the wheelchair tennis event from the sidelines.

Apparently the two of them met in Canada a year ago when Harry was promoting the Invictus games. According to sources close to the couple, the pair "fitted in straight away" and while Kensington Palace wouldn't comment on the private life of the Prince, earlier this month Meghan confirmed that they were very much a couple, and very much in love.

While both were accustomed to the jet-setter's life, that doesn't mean it was easy to get them into the same room. So who are the friends that saw Meghan as a potential addition to the British monarchy?

As an actress, social media icon, and philanthropist, it can be surprising that Meghan even had the time to find love in her life. Lucky for her, she had friends to help connect the now smitten couple.

At the games, Meghan was sporting a fashionable white blouse, or 'Husband' shirt, designed by her friend and fashion designer Misha Nonoo. The entrepreneur has known Meghan for many years now, and was acquainted with the Royal family as her ex-husband was best friends with Prince Harry.

Misha and Meghan are very close, having been introduced in Florida by a friend of theirs. "We were seated next to one another at a lunch and we got along like a house on fire,"� says Misha.

Though the rumor is it was Misha who formally introduced the couple, she said she can't confirm, or deny, anything of the sort. But when did the wheels start turning? Let's dig a little deeper...

Besides Harry, the other man who is often at Meghan's side is the prime suspect in starting the cross-continental romance. Markus Anderson, a consultant for Soho House Group which acts as a private club for members of the arts community.

It is widely regarded that he set up the first date between the couple, and hosted parties at the Soho House in Toronto where they could see each other.

Meghan, Misha, and Markus are all close friends, and can often be seen travelling around the world together.

Maybe we'll never know the exact moment Harry and Meghan saw sparks, but we can definitely thank her friends for giving the right amount of nudge to make it happen!

Have you ever helped a friend into a happy relationship? Share your stories about playing matchmaker!