She Didn't Expect To See Something Like This When She Went In For Her Ultrasound


During her 28th week of pregnancy, Lucy Bearley and her partner, Stuart Barrett, got the shock of their lives. Being their first child, they were more than thrilled to be able to take advantage of having an ultrasound. But what they were about to see would leave even the technicians speechless.

During pregnancy, the mother will visit her Doctor on a regular basis to ensure that both her baby and herself are in good health. These visits are used to monitor the baby's growth, heart rate, and activity. One of the procedures that have become quite common during these routine check-ups is the use of an ultrasound. As is the case, Lucy and her baby were no exception. It was during one of these ultrasounds that things got interesting.

Ultrasounds were first used in 1956 for clinical uses. They are able to produce images of developing fetuses in black and white format by reflecting high-frequency sound waves. Since then there have been many advances in ultrasound imaging. The introduction of 3D and 4D ultrasound systems have enhanced images even further.

The use of ultrasounds has become a regular part of routine examinations during a mothers pregnancy. The procedure can help the doctor keep track of the baby's growth and health while reassuring the parents of their new baby's progress. It is used as a tool for discovering the sex of the baby, unexpected twins or quadruplets, and for making sure that there are no signs of slow growth or illness.

Modern ultrasounds have advanced in such a way that they are easily viewed in 4D by not only the technician performing the ultrasound but by the parents as well. The images are so clear that even the smallest details of an unborn baby can be detected.

During a typical ultrasound, it is quite common to see an infant tossing and turning about, kicking this way and jabbing that way. Parents can even see their baby sucking their thumb with content in these images. These images bring so much joy and relief to parents, assuring them that their child is happy and doing well.

During this particular day during one of Lucy's routine ultrasounds, she was about to get more than the average image of her first child. With her baby being as active as he usually was, it was initially a little difficult getting a proper image. As she lay on her side in a position which would provide the best images of the baby, she was shocked at what happened next.

In the ultrasound, the unborn baby seemingly turns its head, as if looking towards a camera, and then waves. Almost as if the baby wanted to let mom know that all is well. One literally gets the feeling that the infant is indeed looking directly at you and waving a friendly greeting. It is as if the child simply couldn't wait to say hi on his birthday and took the opportunity when he could.

Since then the video clip of this ultrasound has gone viral. Viewers have come to love this unborn baby boy with the tilt of his head and eager wave. Watching it almost makes one feel awe at the seemingly knowing response the baby has to the ultrasound.