Act Fast: This Is The Hot Holiday Toy You Will Regret Not Getting


The competition for hottest toy is always fierce at Christmas and I recently learned what my granddaughter wants!

Meet The Shimmeez

They are glittery, shimmery, two-toned, sequined plush animals. With a wave of a hand or finger over the plush the sequins change color allowing you to create unique patterns and designs on the plush. Available in two sizes these make the perfect cuddle, play or display plush.

They have them at Walmart for $28.99*, but I found them on Amazon for $18.99*!

I have a feeling that these Shimeez won't last long and neither will that price! That being said, I wanted to share it with you while I could.

You can click here to buy a Shimeez from Amazon now!

I purchased the owl and the unicorn this morning and I'm sure they will be the perfect gift.

Wait there's more!

Update, I didn't know but they come in different sizes too!

The smaller ones are only $9.99!

Click here to buy an 8" Shimeez from Amazon now!

Be warned: Unlike Scruff-a-Luvs and Pomsies, Shimmeez are still relatively easy to find, but I wouldn't hold out. Once these adorable animals go mainstream, I have a feeling they are going to fly off shelves fast.

*Prices are current as of time of posting.

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