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Swiss Hotel Has Social Media Sitters To Instagram For You

It's hard to keep up as Millenials out-millennial themselves. It makes for consistently fresh writing material, the likes of which causes us to smile/roll our eyes, while older generations shake their heads whilst moaning about kids these days.

Lay off me, Grandma. Let me Instagram in peace. Florida's population adds more than 1,000 people per day and you're getting toward that age, so don't push your luck.

After hearing versions of this repetitive tune over the Thanksgiving holiday, you might need a little break before you're back together (again) with the family record on repeat for yet another holiday. You should get away. Fly somewhere, take a few days of rest before suffering the din of holiday music and ill-informed political rhetoric around a pile of turkey and mashed potatoes.

You need a vacation.


But, first, let's ask a question that only our generation has felt inner turmoil over. Did you really go on vacation if you haven't provided an expertly curated Insta portrait of it? Is the idea of worrying about that social media portrait stressing you out? Fortunately, there's a solution that will finally alleviate that stress.

Swiss hotel chain Ibis has launched the solution. Named Relax We Post, the hotel group has teamed up with social media influencers to provide a social media sitting service for its guests to opt for during their stay. They're doing this at all 17 of their locations throughout Zurich and Geneva. Why, you ask? Because reasons, obvi.

Those reasons revolve around FOMO on your own vacation. What does that mean? It means that people are afraid of missing out on their own vacations happening in front of them because they're too preoccupied with putting it on social media. Yep. Worried about missing the world in front of them because they're busy painting it through the lenses and filters on their phones. So, naturally, they'll need to hire a social media sitter. Not just any social media sitter, a professional one.

"With the Relax We Post service, Ibis eliminates the social media stress felt by modern travelers, without asking them to compromise on posting perfect holiday photos. What's more, by handing over guests' social media accounts to well-known influencers, the brand ensures that both its properties and the cities they're in will be shown in the best possible light," the hotel said in a press release.

Formerly, 50% of customers would enter a business merely because of signage, but now things are a bit more complex. People search for hashtags, geotags, and generally like selecting vacation spots that are Insta friendly. Ibis is taking advantage of influencer marketing by providing a service that will display their locale for travelers so they don't have to worry about building their own content. While providing guests with content, these social media sitters direct even more people to their own Instagrammable locations. In this case, Ibis hotels.

They've teamed up with more than 10 well-known social media influencers who know the keys to reach vast audiences. While guests stay at the hotel, those influencers babysit their Instagram accounts. They post photos, stories, and reply to comments on behalf of guests while those vacationers focus 100% of their energy (or lack thereof) purely on vacationing. Relax We Post takes the work we've created for ourselves with our attachment to social media, so we can finally sit back and relax in the filterless world.

I mean, like, how am I supposed to enjoy my time in the Swiss Alps if I'm caught between two filters and which caption is wittier? Now we can leave our phones to the pros so we have both hands free for a glass of champagne and the oysters.

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