"Chicago P.D." Star Reveals Why She Left The Show

Fans of Chicago P.D. were left stunned after Detective Erin Lindsay departed. Played by Sophia Bush, Detective Lindsay was one of the original characters of the series. The show spun-off of the already popular Chicago Fire and instantly gained the affection of viewers.

After four seasons, however, it was announced that Bush would be leaving the show, leaving fans disappointed and confused.

"Im still trying to get my head around that Sophia won't be back. I understand and get she wanted to leave. I followed her on TV since One Tree Hill & her character's on any of her shows she's front and center. It's not like what Wolf says it won't be noticeable because a new actress comes in. Don't buy it."

"Well, if it was really her choice, maybe i will stick with the show...it cannot possibly be the same without Erin."

"My husband and I were shocked and disappointed when we heard she was leaving. She was awesome in that role."

There was a lot of speculation as to why Bush decided to leave, and things got even more interesting when executive producer, Dick Wolf, said "I don't think it will have any effect at all."

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But after someone hinted at Bush's possible firing on Instagram, the actress shot back.

Bush, who had a starring role in the teen drama One Tree Hill, posted an article about a deal she struck with 20th Century Fox, indicating she had a new TV series lined up.

However, one user suggested her exit from Chicago P.D. was more one-sided than originally let on.


Bush was quick to clarify what happened, and it asked more questions than it answered.


Saying it took "a lot of hard work" to get out of the show had people wondering if perhaps they weren't going to let her out of the contract. However, no further explanation was given.

"I am sure this was a difficult decision and as much as your fans are going to miss you onscreen," one fan wrote. "I am thrilled for you and in awe of how you have achieved respect and acknowledgement of your talents in your industry."

"Dang I wish she would of stayed on Chicago P.D.," another said. "However I myself have quit jobs because of reasons, so I am not judging you. Hope to see you on TV soon. I hope you find what you're looking for."

Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis on "One Tree Hill"One Tree Hill

Bush has always been an advocate for women and their rights, and she hopes this TV deal will help.

"Now more than ever, vital female voices need to be heard," she said. "I'm thrilled to begin developing content that inspires and excites me."�

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