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Swearing Can Actually Make You much Stronger, A Study Says


We are constantly reminded that swearing makes you look trashy and uneducated. But with previous studies showing that swearing means you're intelligent, and now a new study showing that swearing can actually make you stronger, feel free to swear your heart out!

Psychologists have confirmed that swearing makes you stronger, in a recent study, but no, this doesn't mean that saying f*** 40 times a day will make you extremely fit and muscular. I mean, you can try it but the study is talking about how swearing will help improve performance.

In a study done by Keele University, they had participants perform athletic tasks and asked them to repeat a swear word of their choice while doing the task, they also tested them while they didn't let out any profanity.

Two scenarios were carried out in this experiment. In the first, 29 volunteers were tested by riding on an exercise bike.

Participants had to pick two words: a swear word they might use when accidentally hitting their head, and a neutral word they might use to describe a table (like "wooden" or "brown").

Here's how the study went:

One bike run was completed with the swear words repeated in an even tone, and one with the neutral words. The peak power produced by the cyclists rose by 24 watts on average when foul language was used.

In the next experiment they performed, 52 volunteers performed hand grip tests. With again, a swear word and a neutral word.

The results of the study concluded that when swearing, people's strength was boosted by the equivalent of 4.6 pounds on average, the researchers said.

Although this was a very small sample group, researchers said they believe they would still see these results if it was much larger, but more tests have to be done.

You can probably find this study to be true for yourself if you have ever done something physical and naturally swore. It seems as if it gives you an extra boost of energy or strength from letting out a swear word.

So maybe next time you're struggling to open a jar, instead of giving up or asking another family member to open it, try letting out a few swear words and watch it open right up!