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Freezing And Scared Puppy Rescued After Being Dumped In A Trash Can Along The Interstate

Facebook - Hart County Animal Rescue

We've all driven up and down the interstates that crisscross around the country, but none of us ever expect to save a life while on our trips.

But one person experienced this when they headed down the I-85 along the border of South Carolina earlier this week after they noticed something that led to the rescue of a tiny creature.

In the trash can just outside of the rest stop, someone heard a quiet crying, and when they looked inside they found a tiny little pup.

The six pound Chihuahua mix was pulled from the trash can and turned over to the Hart County Animal Rescue (HCAR), but when they shared the poor girl's story people were livid.

"YES! Some piece of scum decided to just trash her," The organization wrote on their Facebook page. "She was freezing, wet, hungry, and scared when someone heard her crying and found her in the trash can this morning."

They immediately brought the little puppy over to the Lavonia Animal Hospital to get the care she needed, before returning to the shelter to figure out what happened and find her a home.

The little pup was given the name Sweet Caroline and according to the vet, she is a healthy, one-year-old girl. She tested negative for heartworm, but she is not spayed at this time.

The HCAR was hoping that their post would help answer the question of where this dog came from. They wondered if she was stolen from a family who loved her before being thrown away or if it was just an act of cruelty by her original owner. Either way, they are begging people to help them find out what happened.

In the mean time, they are doing everything they can to make Sweet Caroline's life better. She is not yet available for adoption as they must wait until she has been spayed, but they are expecting the procedure to take place within the next two weeks. She's already looking much better and you can see the smile on her face now that she knows she's safe.

If you are interested in applying to rescue this adorable little girl, you can send an application through their website as they will not be able to respond to Facebook requests.

Source - Hart County Animal Rescue / Orlando Sentinel

Hopefully they are able to find out who committed this cruel and thoughtless act and get justice for Sweet Caroline.