The New 'Dumbo' Trailer Is Out And It's Already Making Our Eyes Tear Up

YouTube - Walt Disney Pictures

Dumbo is one of the Disney movies that has been loved for decades now, but it's one that we probably didn't expect to get a live action remake. It's not like they could make a real elephant fly, so it seemed as though it would remain safe as an animated movie.

But as time passed, CGI became so powerful that they could create a completely animated version of Dumbo that looked incredibly realistic.

Tim Burton has taken on the live-action Dumbo remake, and the new trailer has been released. It shows off the magical and exciting world of the little circus elephant who can fly, and so far it looks pretty incredible.

The movie stars Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton, Eva Green, Nico Parker, and Finley Hobbins.

We will get to watch as these two kids help raise this unusual elephant and learn how to master his flying ability.

The sets look completely amazing, and I think we can all agree it's going to be a beautiful movie.

What do you think of the new trailer?

Are you going to head to the theaters to see this movie on March 29th, 2019?