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Everyone Is Criticizing The Way The Queen Eats Bananas, Do You Think It's Strange?

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Everything the Queen of England does is judged and criticized by people all over the world. She must feel a lot of responsibility when she has to make even the most simple of decisions, because no matter what, people are going to have some thoughts about it.

Today, people are criticizing the way the monarch eats a banana. Yes, that's right, a banana.

It's something millions of us do every single day without much thought, but when the queen does it, everyone takes note. Perhaps the reason why people care so much, is that she's doing it in such a strange way.

Queen Elizabeth and the royal family have been known to have some interesting habits when it comes to food. For example, Prince Charles refuses to eat lunch, and Prince Philip won't eat organic foods, and the queen herself hates garlic, but the way she eats a banana is the latest bizarre realization.

The queen is very conscious about her appearance, especially when eating, so she chooses to eat her bananas with a knife and fork.

According to a former royal chef, Darren McGrady, Queen Elizabeth is concerned with looking "like a monkey," so she'd rather cut it up and eat it more delicately.

McGrady revealed the full extent of her process, which starts by cutting off the top and bottom of the fruit, then cutting lengthwise along the peel before cutting it into even smaller pieces that she can grab with a fork.

I guess when you're the queen, you have to realize that people are going to be watching your every move, and even writing books about it.

In 2007, McGrady released a book called Eating Royally, which revealed many of the families unique eating habits.

While this isn't the most common way to eat a banana, I do kind of feel bad that she feels like she has to be on guard at all times, even when eating a quick snack. It's not like it's completely ridiculous to eat a banana in small bites, right?

Source - Delish / This is Insider

Have you ever seen someone eat a banana with a fork and knife before?