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Stray Cat Was Too Afraid To Be Rescued, But Now He Has A Second Chance

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We all know that there are thousands of animals without a home. Many are in shelters and rescues, but there are even more alone on the street.

It's not unusual to see feral cats running around in cities, but sometimes people go the extra mile to give the poor little things a second chance at life.

In Montreal, Canada, one stray with the saddest face caught the attention of the right person, and through a lot of dedication they were finally able to get him the care he needs.

They have named him Padou, and he has been seen for a long time wandering around as an alley cat.

The Chatons Orphelins Montreal (COM) rescue revealed that he had been spotted by a woman named Aya, who slowly but surely began to build Padou's trust. She could tell his condition was getting worse, but no matter how much she tried, Padou wouldn't come any closer.

Aya recruited the help of a friend named Dan, and together with a lot of patience they were finally able to get closer to the stray.

When they tried to get him to go into a cage, he would always run away, so they called in the COM rescue to give them the extra help they needed to get this cat safe before winter hit.

Patience was all it took, and while no one else had been willing to give it to him until now, Padua finally had a team of people who were ready to help get healthy.

He was brought to the vet where he was found to be "full of fleas, worms, and parasites." He was also having trouble breathing, his ears had become deformed due to fights while out in the alleys, and he also tested positive for FIV.

Now that he has a safe place to stay, Padua is starting to become extremely comfortable with his foster family.

He stretches out along the couch, lounging as though he's been doing it for years.

He watches his foster family closely as they use their computers.

And he loves to take naps and cuddle with his new temporary family.

The vets say that even though he was diagnosed with FIV, he is capable of living a long and happy life as long as he is properly cared for.

He's currently waiting to find his forever home, and if you're interested you can contact the Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

Source - Love Meow / Chatons Orphelins Montreal

If you're considering getting a cat as a Christmas gift this holiday season, consider adoption before you head to the pet store. There are so many wonderful cats who deserve a great home.