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The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

As we bid farewell to 2018 in just a month's time, we have to start looking towards the up and coming trends of 2019. In the world of digital marketing, knowing what strategies are going to be effective is essential in promoting a business or brand. To boost sales and brand awareness, marketers have to stay ahead of the curve with these top digital marketing trends.

1. Evolving SEO Services

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to keep up with the searching trends of the general population. Consumers are turning to search engines increasingly often with more complex questions and high expectations to get the exact results they were looking for. To keep up with these changes, marketing agencies and individual businesses should turn to white label SEO services. By outsourcing services to these SEO experts, companies can be sure that their SEO strategies stay current with the needs of consumers.

2. Serving Personalized Content

Customers want to know that a company cares about them and their desires, leaving the market for personalized and dynamic content wide open. Dynamic, or adaptive, content means that it changes based on the user by presenting the most relevant information to them. Similar to how Netflix recommends movies and TV shows based on what a user has previously watched, this digital marketing strategy can personalize emails and ads from the data machine learning applications collect.

3. Creating Snack Ads

While they may sound like tasty treats, snack ads are simply short videos that are less than 10 seconds long. Consumers are constantly overwhelmed with video content from various brands, meaning that attention spans are getting shorter by the day. Over 89% of viewers are engaged by ads with this short length, while nearly half of them lose interest by a minute in. In the next year, brands will be turning to these short videos to get across the information they need to while they have the attention of their consumers.

4. Partnering With Social Media Influencers

The next year will see more companies partnering with big names on Instagram and Twitter to promote their brand. While these types of partnerships have long been the norm with paid sponsorships, brands will be adopting a more subtle approach. Consumers are less receptive when they know their favorite influencers are simply being paid to insert a promotion of a product, so brands will be creating long-term relationships with relevant influencers to create more organic endorsements through digital advertising.

5. Utilizing Chatbots

About 80% of business leaders say that they have used chatbots or will consider using them by 2020. With this projection for the future, these automated customer service representatives are going to be a popular alternative to live agents. By negating the cost of hiring humans to do the job that these robots can, businesses are looking at major savings when they turn to chatbots.

To stay relevant in the digital marketing world, you need to have one eye on the current strategies and the other on what is going to be effective months or years into the future. Start with these techniques for the next year, and you'll see digital marketing success soon enough.

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