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The Feud Between 'The View' And 'The Talk' Has Been Escalating For Nearly A Decade


The View started over twenty years ago, and ever since it has changed the way people think about daytime television.

It used to just be a singular host talking to the people they were interviewing, but then The View came around with that big group of women talking about everything and anything that was happening in the world.

They discussed trends, politics, social issues, and pop culture, with each of the cast members representing their own unique point of view.

The View Original Cast

Barbara Walters created the show, acting as one of the co-hosts herself. She was one of five women who sat around the table discussing all the hot topics.

She was joined by Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, and Debbie Matenopolos. After two seasons, Matenopoulos was the first to leave, making way for Lisa Ling.

The cast has changed a lot over the years, but for most of it's run it was the only show of its kind. Or at least it was until The Talk came around.

The Talk

The Talk started in 2010, and was created by Roseanne star Sara Gilbert. She based it on the show Loose Women that runs in the United Kingdom, which is a panel of women discussing a variety of topics "through the eyes of mothers."

However, almost immediately people began to pit the two shows against each other, and a feud was born.

2010 - Joy Behar Vs. Sharon Osbourne

Joy Behar The View

All the way back in 2010, when The Talk premiered, Behar already was making comments about the show.

In an interview with Parade magazine, she said, "I have news for those mothers on The Talk, we are mothers too on The View"�every single one of us. So what are they talking about?"

She also called out Osbourne specifically. "And Sharon Osbourne's a role model? That's television for you! They don't want people who are normal. Train wrecks are everything."

September 2013 - Julie Chen Vs. Jenny McCarthy

Julie Chen The Talk

In 2013, Chen was asked about the addition of Jenny McCarthy as a co-host on The View, and Chen mentioned that it was almost like they were trying to become more like The Talk and that it had "lost its way.".

"What made The View so popular and so good was that you had five different women from different walks of life discussing politics.

And when they, whatever happened, when Joy left and when Elisabeth left and they got Jenny in, I think they were trying to lighten the mood at the table"�more gossip, more fun, more laughs. Jenny is beautiful and funny and talented and smart.

And what happened was, in my opinion, The View doesn't know what it is now. It's lost its way.

What put them on the map and made them good and famous, they don't do that anymore, and no one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the mayoral race or politics, they don't. That's not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for."

Jenny McCarthy The View
ABC/Lou Rocco

However, this debate was pretty quickly ended by Walters herself when she said, "I don't think it's competition to us. It's on at a different time. I wish them well."

November 2013 - Sharon Osbourne Vs. Everyone except Barbara Walters

Sharon Osborne The Talk

Osbourne has been known to be outspoken throughout her career, but it was her comments on Arsenio Hall that took the feud to the next level.

"Cut to the chase, stop being polite. Barbara"�idolize her, divine, she is super-human, I love Barbara Walters," but she continued with less kind words about Walter's co-stars. "The rest can go f**k themselves!"

Sherri Shepherd was a co-host at the time and was the only one to respond, with a tweet that read "well...ma'am it's your opinion."

The day after that interview aired, Osbourne apologized on The Talk.

Sharon Osbourne The Talk

"I have to own this; I'm fully responsible for myself (some of the time). Unfortunately, I was inappropriate and I was trying to be funny at somebody else's expense...

I want to apologize to Jenny, Sherri and Whoopi who are all accomplished self-made women who have amazing careers.

They have achieved so much. I mean, Whoopi is an Oscar winner. Who am I to say anything about Whoopi?

Any of the ladies "� I respect Jenny as a mother, as a woman, as an artist. Sherri too, and really, I can't even get the name of my own show right.

So please understand, it was my irreverent, irreverent behavior and no disrespect meant and I'm not a person that is mean. I'm really not. And I apologize."

Sharon Osbourne The Talk

She also said that the hosts of the show had been asked about the comparisons between The Talk and The View since it first aired, and she said that "people are not happy with the same boring answer."

"I just want to mention, we have been asked the same question for four years now...We give the same answer every time and I guess people are not happy with the same boring answer which is we don't talk about politics...Everyone wants women to attack other women and that is so clearly what we do not do."

2016 - Julie Chen Vs. The View

Julie Chen The Talk

Chen once again spoke out about The View, in response to an article that claimed Walters was upset that the legacy of her show had been ruined by The Talk.

"I do think Barbara Walters is probably like, 'This amazing show I created is now just kind of withering away with a revolving door of hosts that people can't keep straight.' I mean, I should know all the names of the hosts and I don't because it changes so often!"

2017 - Sharon Osbourne Vs. Joy Behar

Sharon Osbourne The Talk

On an episode of The Talk, Chen asked if anyone had a rude encounter with a celebrity, and Osbourne was quick to bring up The View star.

"Um, well I don't know about famous... [she is] a TV personality. Well they're not world famous or anything. It's a lady by the name of Joy Behar.

This is many years ago, I must say "� but I was still famous, anyway. We were at this reception and I was talking to Barbara Walters, whom I love and adore, and [Joy] was with her.

And she looked at my hand and she went, 'Oh, that's very ostentatious, who got you that?' And I said, 'Somebody that loves me.' And she was looking at my wedding ring, which since got stolen "� I mean she didn't do it, but you know."

That wasn't the only time they interacted.

The View Joy Behar

"Then I saw her again at another event and she looked at me as if I had leprosy," Sharon continued. "And I wanted to say, 'What is the matter, darling? What is it? It's not such a big deal!' But I didn't and we just move on and life goes on.

I just got the impression "� and I've [gone on The View since] "� that she just doesn't like my vibe. Listen, you can't like everyone!

Even when Osbourne went onto the show to be interviewed, she claimed that Behar ignored her.

The shows have continued on over the years, and even though they occasionally get pinned against each other, they seem to be able to share audiences pretty well.

Which show do you prefer? Or do you enjoy them both?

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