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A Therapy Kitten Visited A Retirement Home, And No One Could Stop Smiling

East Village Place

The elderly residents of East Village Place in Longmeadow, Massachusetts had a very special visitor this month.

It was a treat for both the residents and a tiny Calico kitten named Luna, who spent a day at the center cozying up with everyone she met.

The center's community life director, Diana, said that the normally "spunky and playful" kitten was "calm, sweet, and snuggly" during her visit.

Even some residents who insisted they aren't "cat people" fell in love with the kitten.

And in an adorable video, one resident even sang a sweet lullaby for Luna, and the rest of her friends joined in.

Therapy Kitten
Luna was tuckered out by her visit with the seniors.East Village Place

The senior living center isn't the first to welcome small animals into the lives of its residents, and other caretakers say bonding with pets is great for both the elderly and the animals.

At the Catalina Springs Memory Care center in Arizona, employees welcomed newborn kittens, who were fed and cared for by the senior citizens living there.

"To some, it may seem peculiar at first: Residents who are in need of around-the-clock care themselves, given the task to care for these young kittens," the center's executive director Sharon Mercer said.

"But there are skills, emotions, and needs that do not just leave a person with Dementia or Alzheimer's. The desire to give love and receive love remains."

She said that the kittens and seniors both benefited from their new relationship, and their smiling photos say it all.

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