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Toddler Who Died After Inflatable Trampoline Exploded Is Given Heartwarming Tribute

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article referred to the trampoline as a "bouncy castle" however it is actually an inflatable trampoline. While similar, a trampoline is an "air-sealed" unit where a bouncy castle has a continuous flow of air.

Bouncy castles are specifically designed for kids. They're soft, and the structure has enough cushion to prevent kids from falling on the ground. They have a continuous air supply, so there's little chance of accident. The inflatable trampoline however was sealed, meaning it could explode in some situations. Please read the following message which includes messages from Superintendent Roger Wiltshire, a video that clearly explains the differences between the two devices and a statement from a Health & Safety Executive about the incident.

We hope this clears up any confusion between the different devices. Please do feel free to send us a message if you have any further questions.

There are only two things my young children will get uncontrollably excited over: unexpected treats and jumping around.

Now that it's summer, it's always great to see them beaming with excitement as they go up and down inflatable structures.

But after hearing about the death of a three-year-old girl who was thrown 20 feet from an inflatable trampoline, I'm second guessing about taking my kids to events that have these structures.

But what if the structure explodes? It's definitely a rare occurrence, but a possibility that no parent should rule out when they let their kids play on them.

"The Little Girl That Loved Life"

Ava-May Littleboy from Norfolk, UK was visiting a local beach with her mother and sister when the inflatable trampoline she was playing on "exploded," causing a head injury she couldn't recover from.

Witnesses reported that they heard a "loud bang" before the inflatable trampoline "burst." The incident left Ava-May's family screaming in terror.

"The explosion was like a big gun. I was in the Navy and I can tell you that it was an enormous bang," a 91-year-old witness said after authorities made an announcement on July 2.

The family said in a statement:

"She was not your ordinary little girl, as anyone she met, she would leave a lasting impression on. Anyone that met her would not want to forget her. Her infectious laugh and smile could light up even the darkest of rooms. She was the little girl that loved life."

Outpouring Of Support

One of Ava-May's aunts, Abbie Littleboy, said: "Me and our family would like to build a memorial bench for our little Ava, please take a read of our story and help raise money for our beautiful angel".

Members of the public came out to mourn the tragic death of the toddler and helped raise thousands of dollars for the family.

Here's what people had to say:

"This story broke my heart. No parent should have to experience such tragedy. My thoughts are with you. Rest in paradise little Abbie".

"So Tragic. Thoughts and prays for the family and all affected. Life is so fragile and precious, every moment should be valued and treasured. God rest your soul darling child," another user wrote.

Ava-May's grandmother, Angela Littleboy, wrote: "To all that have donated for this cause, we don't know all of you but I am overwhelmed by your love and thoughts."

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