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Toddler Dies After Bounce Pad Is Flung Into The Air

Edward Acuna/Facebook, JK's Pumpkin Patch/Facebook

When parents take their children on a family outing, they expect it to be a memorable experience they'll cherished for a long time.

We never expect to have tragedy occur on these trips, but there are rare occasions where devastation arises and can change our lives forever.

This happened to a Nebraska family when they planned a fun-filled day at a local pumpkin patch.

"It's certainly a tragic situation."

On October 3, Edward and Berna Acuna took their children Gabrielle, five and Caleb, two, to JK's Pumpkin Patch, where they went on a bounce pad.

However, only moments after Edward and Berna stepped out, a strong gust of wind lifted up the tied-down inflatable pillow and flung it into the air.

Gabrielle, who goes by the name Aura, was hurled nearly 30 feet in the air and broke her arm, while Caleb was wrapped inside the pillow "like a taco shell."

Raymond Fire Safety Officer Nick Monnier told the Lincoln Journal Star that Caleb was more than 100 feet into the air and was found 40 yards away.

The toddler was rushed to the hospital, but didn't recover from his severe head injury and died only a day later.

"It's certainly a tragic situation," Lancaster County Sheriff's Capt. Tom Brookhouser said, according to the Associated Press. "The sheriff's office has never worked an incident like this in the 28 years I've been here."

"It's been an extremely emotional situation."

Although Josh Kadavy, the owner of the pumpkin patch, has refused to comment on the incident to various news outlets, he posted a statement on Facebook.

We have been advised by our attorney not to take any questions. Our thoughts, prayers & deepest condolences & sympathies are with the family at this time.

It's been an extremely emotional situation for me and my family as well as the family of the little boy. We are continuing to lift the family up in prayer. Our love and continued prayers, JKs Pumpkin Patch Family."

While the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office has reportedly ordered an autopsy for the youngster - as his death is in the midst of an investigation - a GoFundMe page was created in an effort to raise money for Caleb's funeral.

As of October 8, the fundraiser has received over $22,000 in donations.

Sadly, this isn't the first time someone has been killed while on an inflatable.

In March 2010, a five-year-old boy passed away after he fell off an bounce pad and landed on a concrete floor in Wichita, Kansas. Only a few months later, a Pennsylvania man died when an inflatable slide collapsed and pinned him down at a Cleveland Indians baseball game

In March 2017, a seven-year-old girl was killed when heavy winds swept her away in a bounce pad.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the Acuna family during this difficult time.

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