Heart-Stopping Pictures Of A Young Girl Playing On A Building's Ledge, 5 Floors Up

We may say "don't be such a baby" when we want to mock someone for being afraid, but I think young children are probably the bravest human beings around.

When I was a kid I broke both my arms and my leg. Each time I was doing some death-defying stunt or another. Even after multiple trips to the hospital it never calmed me down. There is a certain kind of fearlessness that youngsters have that I just don't anymore.

That might explain why a young girl playing alone seemed so unperturbed by the fact she was just inches from death.

Horrifying photos have emerged of a young girl in Chile playing on an apartment building ledge, just outside an open window.

A witness was in a hospital situated across from the building when he looked over and saw the child. He phoned police and then starting snapping pictures. Standing across the street and several stories up, there was little else he could do.

The ledge had no barriers, ropes or walls, nothing but a drop 5 stories to the pavement.

The witness says there were people inside the home, and the girl's mother was on the phone.

The young girl played with her doll calmly, seemingly unaware of the danger she was in. At one point she swings her legs over the edge in what would surely be a heart attack if her mother had been aware enough to see her.

She then crawled her way back inside.

You have to wonder if this was a onetime event, or if the outcropping is that girl's favorite place to play.

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