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Here's Why You'll Want To Skip Putting Toothpaste On Your Pimples

Tookapic from Pexels / Cushy Spa from flickr

If you have ever gotten a huge and obnoxious pimple, you have probably turned to the internet for answers about how to get rid of it fast. The number one answer I have come across when searching is the famous toothpaste trick.

If you haven't heard of this, the toothpaste trick is basically the cheapest spot treatment you can find. All you have to do is dab a spot of toothpaste on your pimple and leave it over night. The toothpaste is supposed to dry your pimple out enough that it will disappear much sooner.

Although this technique is often talked about, you'll probably want to skip it and opt for something else next time you get a pimple and here's why.

Toothpaste does dry out pimples, but that may not be worth the other complications that go along with it.

It's irritating your skin.

There are many ingredients found in toothpaste that can be very harmful to your skin. It contains sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and sodium flouride, all of which can irritate the skin. These can also strip the natural lipids from the skin, sometimes worsening conditions like dermatitis.

It affects your pigmentation.

The melanin in your skin can be extremely reactive. So, when it comes into contact with irritating products, dark pigmentation can occur. This means that your skin will look uneven and darker in some spots than others, not a good look.

The worst thing is, this won't go away right away. Even after the irritation subsides, pigmentation can take much longer to heal.


Toothpaste may be the easiest option, but it's definitely not the best. Even when toothpaste doesn't irritate your skin, it still doesn't always work, and worse, it's nearly impossible to scrub off the next morning, (scrubbing irritates your pimples even more).

1. Don't touch it.

If you leave it alone, it will go away quicker. Although it may be tempting to pick at it and touch it, stop. That will just irritate it or transfer bacteria from your fingers and make it worse.

2. Don't over-squeeze it.

If you're going to pop it, do it right. Wrap tissue around your fingers, and squeeze a few millimeters away from the swollen area itself.

Squeeze horizontally from both sides and one vertically will do the trick. If it doesn't, the spot isn't ready so leave it alone. Once it is popped, don't pop it again.

3. Wash your face.

Wash your face twice a day to clean off any bacteria or oil making the pimple worse. Just don't over-wash it while trying to get it to go away, twice a day is perfect.

4. Don't wear make-up.

This may be the last thing you want to do when you have a pimple, but it is what will make it go away the quickest. I may be contradicting myself here, but make-up is the perfect fix if you have a big day and need a pimple to disappear. Just put a bit of concealer on it and go. You'll have to deal with the consequences of it getting worse after, but it might be necessary in the moment.

Whatever you decide to do, skip the toothpaste.