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Next Year's Most Popular Baby Names Make Us Wonder Just What Are Parents Thinking

If you need any proof that 2017 has been a long and bizarre year, just look at what parents are planning to name their kids next year.

Baby name website Nameberry has unveiled their list of next year's biggest "name trends," and while they're predicting lots of old fashioned names will be back in style, some of the most popular new names leave us scratching out heads.

Strong women make for popular names

Ivanka Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

This is a thread we also noticed on this year's list of popular dog names. People are taking notice of strong women this year, and plan on passing their names on to their children. Namberry predicts a bump for names like Oprah, Ivanka, Gal and Diana (those last two are from Wonder Woman).

These names don't just sound nice, the site points out that studies reveal "serious" names help kids get into college, so Ruth, Margaret and Eleanor could all give young girls a boost.

Matilda and Bridget are due for a comeback as well.

Presidential names

President Donald Trump and former president Ronald Reagan.

While President Trump's family isn't growing, the excitement over last year's election is expected to carry on into 2018. That means names of former presidents like Kennedy, Madison, Reagan and Taylor should be back in style.

For boys, expect to see more Carters, Jacksons and Tylers in the years to come.

Donald will probably see a spike too, but more creative parents will pick McKinley, Monroe, Abraham, Ulysses, Theodore or Grover.

There are even more "name trends" to look forward to, including the one letter that will be everywhere next year.

Nameberry says that the "consonant of the moment" is S, and that means both boy and girl names will use it a lot.

Expect to see birth announcements for girls names Sage, Sasha, Sayer, and Soren. For boys, big names will feature an s at the end, like with Rufus, Ozias, Linus, and Augustus.

Sophie Turner - who plays Sansa on 'Game of Thrones' - represents two of next year's big trends.Business Insider

Welsh roots

One more big trend for the coming year is names with Welsh inspiration. Even parents who don't have Welsh ancestors are drawn to these unique names full of consonants and interesting sounds. It helps that Game of Thrones has made them more familiar too.

Look forward to meeting girls named Anwen, Bronwen, Rhonwehn, Gwen, Bryn, Rhiannon, Saren and Emry.

For boys, learn to pronounce Gareth, Idris, Rhys, Vaughn and Owyn.

Superheroes like Logan (Wolverine) and Diana (Wonder Woman) round out the list of popular names.

And, as always, pop culture is a big influence on baby names. Superhero names like Harley, Logan and Natasha will see a big boost, but truly unique parents will pick Thor or Hela - if they're brave enough.

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