The Photos From The Town In America That Won't See The Sun Until Next Year Are Haunting

Few things are every certain in this life, but the sun rising and setting is about as sure as we can get.

So imagine how it must be living in Utquagvik, Alaska, the town in America that won't see the sun until January 23. On Nov 21 Utquagvik, formerly known as Barrow, entered into their annual 65-day period where the sun sets, and doesn't come back up.

Because of the tilt of the earth, Utquagvik, will have some light but no sun. It's a phenomenon that has captured the interest of pop culture. Showing up many times in TV episodes and even spawning a horror comic book and movie about vampires called 30 Days of Night.

The real images aren't filled with blood and gore, they're actually beautiful.

The entire city becomes cast in a blue light, shapes are visible but it's definitely not bright out.

Of course that means that you don't get any warmth from the winter sun. At the time of writing this article the temperature was -6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The town has about 4,000 people and is completely cutoff from the rest of Alaska. It serves as a hub for even more remote communities. Since most people there probably like their alone time, you have to wonder if they like the dark too.

Most people vacation looking for some fun in the sun, but with Alaska's unique beauty, Utquagvik draws some people in too.

If you're thinking of checking it out you have until late January to live days without the sun. If you miss it don't worry though, it'll happen again next year!

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