Mom's Hilarious "Turkey Baby" Prank Went Viral and We Are So Thankful


Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, and plenty of fun. Anyone who has ever grown up with a jokester for a parent or sibling knows that sometimes the joke is on you.

Raquel Hawkinson found that out the hard way, and we're so thankful that she did!

Nerissa Hawkinson came up with an ingenious idea for Thanksgiving dinner. She was going to prank her two daughters, Raquel and Nicole, into thinking that their Thanksgiving turkey was pregnant.

She bought a Cornish Hen and crammed it inside the turkey. The plan almost came apart when Nicole discovered the hen before it was time, but Nerissa convinced her to get in on the fun.

Later, Raquel was asked to help get the stuffing out of the turkey. She got more than she bargained for.


"Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey?" she asks, clearly shocked by the discovery. "Oh my god, what is it?!"

Her imagination quickly runs wild.

"Mom there's a baby turkey in the turkey," she says through tears. "It's a girl."


Let's pause for a moment and remember that turkeys, as birds, lay eggs and don't carry their children like mammals do.

Nerissa explains the joke to Raquel who seems to alternate between tears of laughter and tears of shock. Nicole meanwhile has completely collapsed into hysterics.

Just another fun family holiday! Watch it all here to put a big smile on your face.

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