The UK Is Getting A Special Christmas McFlurry And We Want One Too

The UK has a long history of importing their best stuff to America. I mean music in the 1960s was pretty much dominated by Brits, and nowadays some of my favorite TV characters are British people who just sound like Americans.

So all this makes me think and hope that the latest craze in the UK will come overseas. If it does you can bet I'm going to be first in line.

McDonald's just announced their Christmas drink lineups, and it is official: British people get all the nice things.

There's a lot to highlight here, but I'm really focused on the Christmas McFlurry. It's a Maltesers Reindeer McFlurry that looks unbelievably tasty.

Maltesers McFlurry

I just don't see enough of Maltesers in the States, but it's a much more popular treat across the pond.

McDonald's has seriously improved their coffee game over the last few years, and just like Starbucks has special holiday cups.

I love that McDonald's is getting into the Christmas spirit, and I also can't wait to try the Millionaire's Latte!

I know the holidays are all about family and friends, but with drinks and specials like this being announced it's hard not to be most excited about the food!

Would you want the Maltester McFlurry to come home to the USA?

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