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Bride's Dance With Her Terminally Ill Dad Is Guaranteed To Make You Cry

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There are parts of her wedding that every bride remembers forever: the dramatic walk down the aisle, the first kiss as newlyweds, and the heartwarming dance with her father.

But for Mary Bourne Roberts, a recently married dance teacher from Alabama, her daddy-daughter dance was especially heartwarming.

As Lee-Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance" fired up, Mary wheeled her terminally ill father, Jim, onto the dance floor in his wheelchair.

Father Daughter Dance
Jim was in tears during the emotional dance.Blue Room Photography - Facebook

Jim reportedly suffers from glioblastoma, an untreatable brain tumor, and is currently in hospice. When he was diagnosed last year, it was unclear if Jim would even survive to see his daughter walk down the aisle.

Despite the painful circumstances, Mary was all smiles last month as she rolled her dad back and forth in a beautifully choreographed dance.

In a video of the special moment recorded by Blue Room Photography, Jim can be seen tearing up and singing along to the music. The beauty and emotion of the moment helps explain why it has been watched almost 400,000 times on Facebook.

Father-Daughter Dance - Jim and Mary Bourne

Sweetest Father-Daughter Dance ever! The bride, Mary Bourne Roberts (now Mrs. James Butts) is a professional dance teacher. Her father, attorney Jim Roberts, has a limited time on this earth. Mary Bourne chose "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack for their Father-Daughter Dance and its just great! (Camera is hand held so please excuse the bumpiness).

Posted by Blue Room Photography on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Mary told Fox News that she was determined to share the special moment with her father, no matter what.

"We weren't sure how he was going to even feel that day," she said. "We just knew that we were going to do it somehow."

And Jim's wife, Tracy, said the sweet gesture meant the world to him.

"It was such a good thing to happen to him," she told "He would have cried through the whole thing even if he'd been on his feet."

"It was a great day for him, a beautiful, perfect day for all of us."

Father Daughter Dance
Mary was surprised the emotional video of her dance went viral.Blue Room Photography - Facebook

Photos reveal Jim was actually able to complete all his traditional roles in Mary's ceremony last month, and even "walked" her down the aisle with a push from another guest.

While Mary's family is touched by all the attention her beautiful dance has attracted, they say it's nothing new for this daddy's girl.

"It's been great to see people touched by the love they share "� we're used to seeing it all the time!" Tracy told Fox.

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