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What You Can Get For �100 In These Cities

When you�re on a budget, travel can often seem like an unachievable dream. But many cities are more affordable than you think, if you plan in advance � here�s what you can get for just �100 a day in these major cities according to Starling Bank.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a surprisingly affordable destination, with the average cost of a day spent here costing around �91.37. For �100, you can get a lot for your money � a three-course meal, for example, costs around �20.82, while a glass of beer or wine costs just �5.18. But you can find cheaper dining here too, with local meals costing around �5.20 and fast food at �3.64. A budget hotel stay in the city can be found for around �20.40, although a standard hotel is just under �50 per night. Public transport is inexpensive at �2.08 for a round trip, although an attraction ticket will set you back nearly �24.


A day in Prague comes in at �66.18 on average, and with affordable food, drink and travel, it�s easy to see why it�s such a popular travel destination. Local meals can cost as little as �5.26 while a three course meal costs around �13.15 and even luxury dining costs just �18.90. Public transport in Prague is affordable too, with a round trip costing �1.69 on average. The average cost of a ticket to a local attraction is around �5.93 and accommodation can range from �15.92 for a budget hotel to �42.78 for a higher-end option.


Thailand is renowned for being an affordable destination and Bangkok is evidence of just how inexpensive travel here can be. An average day in Bangkok costs around �43.36, starting with accommodation which ranges from as little as �12.31 for a budget stay to �32.82. The average cost of an attraction tick is just �3.89, while a round-trip on public transport is around �1.85. One of the key areas you�ll save money in Bangkok is on food, as you can dine cheaply here. A local meal can cost as little as �1.60 and you can find three-course dining for just �10.65. Drinks are also inexpensive � a glass of beer or wine costs around �2.13, while a bottle of water is only �0.24 on average.


The vibrant city of Istanbul provides budget-friendly travel, with a day here costing just �35.51 on average. Three meals in this colourful city will set you back around �12.78, while a local meal is just �4.26 and a luxury meal costing in the region of �5.52. Public transport can be found for just �0.74, making it easy to explore the whole city. This city is packed with sights and attractions, and tickets to see them are reasonable, costing just �3.92. Your accommodation in Istanbul will cost anywhere from �6.83 for a budget hotel to �18.07 for a standard hotel room.


In Delhi, your money will go incredibly far and it�s one of the most affordable destination you can visit. For �100, you can explore the city to its full, starting with the budget-friendly accommodation it has to offer. A budget hotel room in Delhi costs around �5.76 while a standard hotel room costs in the region of �15.80. Getting around the city cheaply is really easy, as a round trip using the public transport system will cost just �0.69 or �6.30 for a taxi ride. The average cost of an attraction ticket is around �3.21, while dining is inexpensive at �2.84 for a local meal or just �6.83 for a three-course dinner and �6.42 for luxury dining.

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