When She Lost Her Phone & Wallet It Brought Her To This Cashier, His Response Has Everyone Talking

Sheila Spencer - Facebook

A teenager in Birmingham, Alabama showed that in a world full of bad news, there is still hope. Sheila Spencer lost her wallet and her wrist purse in November 2018 and began to panic. Her thoughts jumped to all of the personal information in that wristlet. Her credit cards, health insurance card, driver's license and almost $300 in cash were in that wallet. Then she remembered her cell phone, too, was lost with it. She quickly began to check online to see if anyone had already stolen her identification and was spending her money. Spencer knew the odds were against her and all was probably lost.  

Spencer carefully retraced her steps trying to think where she could have lost the wallet. She knew she had it on a trip to the grocery store, Piggly Wiggly. Spencer remembered buying a few grocery items and putting them in the car. She then pushed her cart into the bay and got back into her car. She didn't realize until later that evening the wristlet was nowhere to be found. It was late at 9:30 PM and already dark out, but Spencer needed to know if her belongings were at the store. Without much hope, she called the store. To her surprise, the store associate said they did have the wristlet so she headed to the store. She was shocked at what she found.

Everything was still in the small purse. Her phone, her money and her belongings were all still there. The manager then took her to a teenage employee by the name of Antoine Starr. Even more amazing than the wristlet with all the money stood a teenage boy in front of her whom found the wallet and turned it in. A religious man, Starr said he was just practicing his beliefs. Spencer was thrilled at the good heart of a young man in this crazy world and wanted to reward him somehow.

Spencer gave him $100 of the cash inside the wallet and decided to call his family. She told his mother, Joyce that she raised the young man right and what a good thing he did when she lost her belongings. Spencer said Joyce cried tears of happiness as in the world today there isn't enough good news stemming from teenagers' actions. Antoine said he couldn't figure out why everyone was praising him when he just did what he would want done for him. Spencer says no one ever tells the world about the good things teenagers do, you only hear the bad news.

The local news even got hold of the story interviewing all involved. It might sound like a normal, everyday thing to young Antoine whom thought he just did the right thing, but Spencer knew thinking the worst was normal in today's society. Today Antoine is $100 richer and has many praising him for his small act of kindness. Spencer goes on with a happy and hopeful heart carrying that wristlet just a little bit tighter, and going to Piggly Wiggly on a regular basis to see her hero.