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You Can Get A Whopper For 1 Cent, But Only At McDonald's

Burger King

Obviously, there's no love lost between Burger King and McDonald's, two of America's most famous fast food chains.

The two restaurants have poked fun at each other for decades, and in recent years Burger King has taken shots at the Golden Arches by introducing copycat versions of the Big Mac and McRib.

It seems that all is fair in love and burger wars, and Burger King has flame grilled their competition again with their latest publicity stunt.

Whopper Detour
Be prepared to confuse some McDonald's workers.Burger King

The chain is offering their signature Whopper sandwich for just one cent. The catch is, you need to go to McDonald's to get the deal.

As Burger King bragged in a press release, they're "turning more than 14,000 McDonald's into Burger King restaurants."

Here's how the "Whopper Detour" really works: for a limited time, customers who have downloaded Burger King's app can head anywhere within 600 feet of their local McDonald's.

Once you're near the burger chain, the app will unlock the special discounted Whopper, and guide you to their nearest location.

Sounds complicated? It sort of is, but it's worth the hassle (and extra legwork) to get a tasty burger for just a cent.

The Detour deal is only available until December 12 at participating Burger Kings, so hurry in to McDonald's, and then hurry in to Burger King to snag this deal.

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Are you going to take advantage of this crazy deal?

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