As Battle Of California Wildfires Continue Photo Of Exhausted Firefighters Resurfaces

California is encountering another round of devastating wildfires that have currently claimed the lives of 48 individuals - and unfortunately, the toll is expected to rise. Numerous locals have been forced to flee their homes, praying the flames will spare their land..

While petrified residents escape from the fiery blaze, brave firefighters run right toward it. Firefighters directly from the state and neighboring areas come together to fight the flames threatening millions of peoples' homes. They're the only thing standing between total destruction and minor burn marks ...

We've all seen the heart-stopping pics of firefighters pushed up against the flames with a hose in-hand and their fellow firefighters standing in support next to them. But what we fail to see is what takes place when the fire trucks pull out and the company goes back for a much-needed break.

One of the California fire departments took a photo of this jarring truth and posted it online last December. This is what the firefighters facing the excruciating heat and treacherous terrain get to experience as soon as they step off the battlefield.

Blanketed in soot, boots still on and helmets sitting within arm's length - just in case. This reality is what the KCFD would like everybody to notice.

Most of us would love to welcome these courageous firefighters into our houses, give them the clothing off our backs and the food from our fridges, but regretfully, that's not an option. This is the reason why lots of people send gifts to firefighters braving the flames.

Darren Dow, the vice president of California Fire Local 2881, told TIME that while material donations like clothes and items are nice, they're often nonessential. As an alternative, the firefighters combating flames in California could make use of financial contributions now more than ever..

If you 'd like to make a monetary contribution, TIME recommends donating to one of the following reliable organizations:.

IAFF's Disaster Relief Fund.

" [Helps] firefighters who are working on the front lines and their families in a variety of ways, from financial to emotional support.".

California Fire Foundation.

" Provides support for firefighters and the families of those who have [passed] while at work.".

CDF Firefighters Benevolent Foundation.

" Provides funding for injured or fallen firefighters and their families, as well as burn victims.".

If you can't swing a financial donation, a simple positive thought or prayer sent their way would undoubtedly be effective. These brave men and women could use any form of help we can send!

We should always keep first responders such as policemen and firefighters in our thought and feelings, but the recent bout of wildfires in California truly brings their backbreaking work to light. Please stay safe, everyone!

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