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Will Ferrell Reminds Us To Put Our Phones Away In New Hilarious PSAs

Unless you're a luddite, we can all agree that technology is wonderful. However, there have been times when products designed to make the world easier actually made other aspects of life worse.

Take cell phones, for instance, they make it easy to communicate with each other, but they also ironically distance us from our surroundings.

Actor Will Ferrell has noticed how much portable devices have overrun our lives and he is trying to do something about it.


The comedian teamed up with Common Sense Media to film a series of funny but important PSAs against the use of phones at the dinner table.

If you've had no results from chatting with your family members about keeping their devices away from the dinner table, then perhaps Ferrell's PSAs will do a better job at convincing them.

The Daddy's Home 2 star perfectly portrays how irritating it is to have devices out during mealtime, when you're supposed to be interacting with those around you.

While the videos are meant to be lighthearted and funny, there is a very important message behind them all.


According to the 2017 Common Sense Census,  only 1 percent of children under the age of 8 owned their own tablet in 2011, but just two years later, in 2013, that number rose up to 42 percent. The study also found that children now spend an average of 48 minutes a day on these devices. Add to that the 58 minutes they spend watching TV and time spent playing video games and you have kids that are consuming way more than the recommended amount of screen time.

Ferrell and Common Sense Media simply want to raise awareness for the importance of limiting children's media consumption, while reminding adults to lead by example, especially when sitting at the dinner table.  

You can watch all three of the videos below:

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