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Woman Dresses Up As Adult Baby To Help Her Anxiety And Depression


An Oregon woman has chosen to live like an infant in a bid to ease her depression and anxiety.

Tori Hart, 18, does all the activities a normal baby does, like use a diaper, drink from a bottle, and suck on a pacifier. She engages in age play - Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL) and Daddy Dom/Little Girl play, which can be linked to the erotic practice of BDSM.

When speaking of her younger years, the fast food worker said she was sexually abused as a little girl and "never had a childhood."

She added that by regressing into infancy, she's able to control her depression, anxiety and eating disorder, along with being able to reclaim her youth.  

"I speak in my "�baby voice' and if I'm upset I will cry or have a temper tantrum. I also crawl and roll," she continued. "I don't have a parent at the moment so normally I do it by myself after work. I will dress in a onesie or outfit and relax and watch TV."

Hart shares her life on Instagram with her 2,000 followers by publishing pictures of her role-playing activities. She said while she can act anywhere between one to 10, she prefers acting the age of three, which she dubs as the perfect age.

"I use my bottle and eat chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs as well as taking pictures for Instagram," Hart said.

"I also go to bed every night with a pacifier and it helps me to sleep because I have insomnia. One night I went to a friends' house and I couldn't sleep without it," she added.

However, Hart said her role playing isn't sexual in nature.

Hart said the way she participates in age play isn't sexual and while she doesn't currently have a boyfriend or a "daddy," she has a "babysitter" who changes her diaper, gives her instructions, and punishes her when she throws a tantrum.

"It allows me to reclaim my childhood,"Hart explained. "The whole idea is submitting yourself to somebody and giving them the power to be in charge of your well being."

"There are some people who do more but that's not for me. I don't like that part of it "� it just feels like too much," she said.

"It is very soothing and comforting. You feel very snug and like you are completely warm, content and happy. I forget about everything else in the world," she added. "When I am in that head space I don't do anything sexual. It definitely can be a sexual thing but I think of it as a way of expressing myself."

Hart explained she first became involved in age play when she called her boyfriend "daddy" after finding a video of an adult baby on YouTube.

She said she's lucky that her family and friends have been accepting of her lifestyle, despite not understanding it themselves.

"Despite the stereotypes and the stigma that we are creepy pedophiles, we are not. If you get to know us, we are nice, normal people," Hart explained. "If you still don't like or accept it, that is fine. But you don't find me coming around saying, 'You don't do this, that is weird.' I'm just here living my life and doing what I love. I don't deserve hate."

What is the strangest type of role playing you've ever heard of?

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