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Woman Slammed For Her Reaction To Finding Her Christmas Presents From Her Boyfriend


Even if you are married or have dated for a long time, choosing a gift for your significant other, whether it is for their birthday or Christmas, can be really stressful.

Each year, you hope that what you get them will make them feel more special than the last, but sometimes it can be a miss.

For one woman, this year is not the first time a Christmas gift from her boyfriend has left her "disappointed," so she took to the internet to share how she feels.

The unnamed woman explained on a Mumsnet forum that she was tidying up the bedroom when she accidentally discovered where her boyfriend hid the presents.

"Last night I was changing the bed and my boyfriend had hid my presents for Christmas in the blanket chest," she wrote before adding that while she's "grateful," she feels let down because it's "just the usual cr*p basically."

The woman's frustration stems from the fact that she tries to "spice it up for him," by getting different gifts every year, but her boyfriend "sticks to the same thing," which usually includes bottles of her favorite perfume, a robe, a pair of slippers, and a No7 skin care set.

"Am I being unreasonable being a bit meh about them?" she asked her fellow forum members.

Some agreed that the gift is a "bit formulaic" and commented with helpful tips, including advising her create a wish list in the future or to have "an early conversation and point him in the direction of things you actually want."

However, others didn't take too much pity on the woman, slamming her for being both unreasonable and ungrateful.

"You do sound ungrateful," replied one user. "He has got them in good time and obviously thought he was picking up stuff you like. The fact he knows what your fav perfume is, is a good sign."

Another echoed a similar sentiment: "I agree that it is a bit unreasonable to criticize his choices when you have not guided him and cannot think of anything yourself."

"I think if you don't know what you'd like, it's pretty harsh to think that he should," chimed in one user.

"Sorry but you're coming across as very ungrateful, and a little entitled and spoiled [SIC]," read a comment. "You haven't told him what you want and then come onto a public forum saying his gifts are shit? Presumably you communicate with him - why haven't you told him what you want? Have you even given him some ideas of what you might like?? He's not a mind reader you know? He seems to have put some thought into the gifts, he even got you your fav routine perfumes? Sorry but you're being unreasonable."

There were some who brought attention to the fact that there are so many people who don't get anything at all for Christmas for a number of different reasons, so the woman should be thankful that her partner goes through the trouble of making sure she has something nice to unwrap every holiday season.

Others argued that giving out presents during Christmastime is a nice gesture and part of a longstanding tradition, but it shouldn't be an obligation. Some users even explained that they no longer exchange gifts with their partners during Christmas, but they surprise each other with little things throughout the year.

Do you think this woman is being ungrateful?

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