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Woman Nearly Blinded By Eye Herpes Discovers It Was Just Christmas Card Glitter

Now that the holidays have come and gone and things are back to normal, can we talk for a second about Christmas cards?

Card Treasures

Don't get me wrong, we love Christmas cards. Y'know what we don't love though? Christmas cards with glitter on them. People, it's seriously time to stop with these things. I understand that they look pretty and shiny when you see them in the store, and you get all excited for someone to open them up to revel in your card-shopping skills, but that's not what happens.


What DOES happen is that our hands and just about every other surface in a ten mile radius gets coated in the glitter that's already been knocked loose from the card being in the mail. Now we not only have to go on the impossible journey of not only washing this crap off of our hands, but vacuuming every surface of the house that's somehow just been coated in the shiny madness.

This picture is a lie. There is no love here.Ebay

Still don't see what I'm getting at? Well it turns out that Christmas card glitter can actually cause health problems: a woman from Wales was diagnosed with herpes and suffered a cornea lesion because of a stray piece of glitter...

The 49-year-old woman (who remains unnamed) went to the Singleton Hospital's ophthalmology department complaining of a swollen eye, which was reddened, had a lesion on the cornea, and had lost most of its vision.


When doctors first examined her eye, they simply said that it had to be a herpes simplex infection, which might have been contracted from a partner. However, upon examining the woman's eye further, they noticed something was amiss.


Using a hand-held microscope, doctors found a shiny, almost microscopic surface on top of the lesion. Upon closer examination, it turned out to be a piece of glitter, which had formed into a clump that mimicked the symptoms of ocular herpes.


The woman reported that she had indeed gotten glitter in her eye while opening a Christmas card, but had thought that she had rubbed it out.

So there you have it, sending someone a glittery card might actually be dangerous to their health!