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Woman Recovering From Bite After Finding 50 Recluse Spiders In Her Bedroom

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For many Americans, arachnophobia is a fear very few can shake.

But even if you don't have a phobia of spiders, finding dozens in your home is something nobody wants, especially since you become a prime target to be bitten.

A woman from Brentwood, Tennessee knows this to be true after she woke up one morning with arm pain, and a couple bumps on her chest and arm.

A brown recluse spider bite
A brown recluse spider biteGet Rid Pests

Although Angela Wright didn't think much of her ailment, she went to the doctor and received medication to treat her bites before being sent home.

However, she was soon rushed to the hospital only a few days later, after she began feeling like she was hallucinating.

"I couldn't walk, I couldn't move and I could barely swallow," Wright said. "They said I was forming bubbles in my lungs, which could have caused pneumonia, and they said if I would have waited a few more hours or maybe until the next morning if I would have made it, I would have had a stroke."

It turns out that not only was Wright bitten by a brown recluse spider, she had about 50 of them in her bedroom.

Unlike other spiders, these dangerous arachnids have necrotic venom, which directly attacks the nervous system, causing a person's cells to break down. Reactions can range from damaged tissues, such as blisters and lesions to even death.

Despite notifying her apartment building about the infestation, and having her unit sprayed, the spiders returned.

"We were finding brown recluses left and right, in our bed, in the ceiling, in the iron, in her shoe," Wright said, adding that she's currently in the process of moving out of her apartment.

However, the complex told her she would have to give a 60-day notice and pay $2,200 to get out of her lease.

"They said the only thing they can do is give me a 60-day notice and I will have to fulfill that," said Wright. "This isn't my problem. I came here thinking this was a nice place to live."

John Augusta is an attorney with EastSide Legal and said while Wright may have a case against her landlord, every claim is based on situational circumstances.

"If he fails to correct the infestation, if she's given him 14 days notification and he still hasn't done anything, then she needs to file an action in general sessions court," Augusta said.

The lawyer said that while some tenants think forgoing rent payments would be an obvious solution, they actually transfer "the control back in the landlord's hands."

"People always believe or think, the landlord's not fixing the plumbing, I can stop paying the rent. Landlord's not fixing the air, I can stop paying the rent," Augusta continued, adding that it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the terms of your lease before anything is signed.

Spiders aren't the only insects that can be a pain in the summertime, here are ways you can get rid of other bug infestations in your home:

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